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The Backstory

Posted in Why I Am Who I Am on March 31, 2008 by Adam Smoot

I was 15 when the Florida Marlins were established as a professional baseball team. Sure, I could’ve buried my allegiance to the Orioles, seeing as how I was from Miami and lived a block away from Joe Robbie Stadium, but for whatever reason, I chose not to.

Over the course of the next eleven years, though, things started to change. It wasn’t that the Marlins had won two World Series titles and the O’s had been (for lack of a better word) terrible. I just got tired of being alone. Tired of being the dorky guy at the party, standing in the corner, playing Brick Breaker on his BlackBerry, while the cool people were playing beer pong and flip cup. Sure, it’s fun to be different sometimes, but who do you share the joy with when your favorite team gets a huge win (not that I’ve had much of that to worry about)? Who do you call and yell at when your team inexplicably signs Sidney Ponson (…again)? There’s just no real enjoyment in the whole experience.

So I slowly developed a secret crush on the Marlins. I silently rooted for them as they attempted to bring home the first championship in ’97. Living within walking distance of the stadium, my house shook when Craig Counsell crossed the plate and the crowd went crazy. And I sat, alone in my living room, quietly pumping my fist, unsure of whether I was allowed to be happy for a team that wasn’t really my own.

Now that I’m 26, though, I’m choosing to finally act on my crush. I’m asking the fishy girl to the prom and she has no choice but to say yes. We’re gonna go in style, too. Limo. Hotel Room. The whole nine. Will this new relationship blossom into an everlasting love? Or will it end with a bitter break up over the Marlins using my toothbrush to clean their cleats? I’m not really thinking that far ahead. The home opener is twenty-one hours away. I look forward to enjoying this season with the rest of you..

…for once.

(Ed. Note: Apparently, I’m horrible at math. The Marlins came about when I was 11, not 15. I can’t handle basic addition/subtraction. You’ll learn these fun facts about me as I continue to write.)